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Opening a Hank & balling using equipment you have around the house✨


Hanks are great if your dyeing the yarn or separate into groups but can sometimes be tricky to ball especially silk. Here’s a little trick I’ve learnt along the way.


You could use equipment like an umbrella swift or a wool bobbin winder but I find they are too strong for the hand spun silk so I much prefer to use this method.




In the video I’m balling the Ghicha Wild Tussar silk one of the hardest to ball because it’s still a tad sticky from gum.


Equipment you will need :

  1. Scissors
  2. An object to help open the Hank, this could be a plastic box, vase, back of a chair or you could convince someone to hold their arms out but they may be there for some time( might test your relationship 😂)
  3. Old toilet roll or fabric roll cut down to side. I prefer using a fabric roll because they are stronger than some toilet rolls.
  4. Time. So much time and energy has already gone into getting it to this stage, so take your time don’t rush.

        If the yarn snaps don’t worry to much the texture of the yarns hides this in final product.


And if this isn’t for you, don’t worry I do have the option of buying the balls online too.


Tip: The Wild Tussar silk yarns might have gum still in them so I sometimes use a spray water bottle to help separate the threads. I also do this when weaving. Also Jute loves hair conditioner or oil to soften.


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