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Tindale Designs is an online textile business based in Fremantle, Western Australia.
In 2010 Tindale Designs fashion label was launched by Shelly Tindale. Garments were created from luxurious fabrics, usually hand draped silk dresses.
This love affair with silk took Shelly to India in 2017, on an art residency in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. India changed her philosophy of life & design and the business changed. This is where she discovered and embarked on this new textile path.
Before going to India, Shelly had never heard of 'Wild Tussar silk' or 'peace silk.' Nor knew much about hand spinning yarn or hand woven fabrics. This was a new world for her but she fell In love with the Tussar silk, the process and the artisan who made them. 
Now she sells the hand spun yarns and hand woven fabrics from India. The aim is to continue to help the village to be sustainable, to grow and employ others to continue to make their amazing products.
Since returning to Australia, Shelly has taught herself to weave on a rigid heddle loom using the Saori method of 'freestyle weaving'.

"My weaving is very organic. There's no counting rows, measuring or following a set pattern. This allows the yarn and the rhythm of my weaving to be the pattern. Weaving helps me to slow down, to think or not to think. Each day I weave is like a new chapter. Nothing is planned, I just weave according to how I feel that day.  The woven piece is like reading a book without words."

We hope you enjoy the yarns, fabrics and textiles. If you have any questions please email Or follow the story at Instagram: TindaleDesigns or Facebook: Tindale Designs.