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Spin your own Wild Tussar Silk Yarn

Interested in spinning your own Wild Tussar silk yarn? Well here is an example of what you can do. 

I must confess I’m not a spinner , well not yet. I’m sure at some stage I’ll give it ago... there’s not enough hours in a day at the moment. 

I gave Sue Webb (A friend I met at the Weavers and Spinners Guild of WA) a spinning challenge... to spin some silk using the Raw Katiya and she did it !!! I love the result because she’s brushed it a lot it’s softened, thick and fluffy. Almost feels like a wool.

Feedback was it’s quite dirty so needs a lot of brushing and washing just like wool . A bit of waste but could be used for something else. 

I’m so thankful Sue, hope this inspires others.

Happy Creating everyone. 

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